About Us

Spey Software Ltd is owned and operated by Alasdair Morris.

Alasdair has been providing business analysis and software development services to leading UK companies for over 20 years.

Our Story

Spey Software Ltd was established in 2011 by Alasdair Morris in order to help companies take advantage of the explosion of web technologies and cloud services that have become available in recent years.

Every database system that we provide uses proven technologies that are tailored to the specific clients' needs. This ensures that we maximise effectiveness while minimising complexity for the user and therefore allow them to focus on what they do best.

Spey Software has been profitable since its formation and has continued to grow its client base year-on-year, while retaining many of the customers that were with us on day one.

Our Philosophy

Complexity helps nobody. We must distil every problem down to its simplest solution.

Alasdair Morris
Alasdair Morris Founder